Dr. Dale Eubank and His Fight Against Obesity

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Obesity is a national epidemic in the United States. The rate of unhealthy, overweight individuals due to poor diet choices and a sedentary lifestyle for decades now. Preservatives and the ease of access to unhealthy food are certainly two of the culprits, and while some of the issues may be genetic, much of the blame can be placed on a lack of physical activity.

Texas is among the top ten when it comes to rates of obesity. On average, Texas ranks as the state with the eight highest in terms of obesity. According to a study by State of Obesity in 2016, the current adult obesity rate is 33.7%. That is over a 20% increase from the early 1990s. With the health of our nation growing more and more tumultuous, it is time that something be done.

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Medical Weight Loss

Doctors and lifestyle experts across the nation have developed tips, diets, regimens, pills, and serums in hopes of guiding the country to a collective healthier lifestyle. Some of these tactics work, while others are proven to be inefficient and even dangerous. In the state of Texas, among the many Corpus Christi Weight Loss Doctors, one shines with his innovative treatment.

Dr. Dale Eubank

Dr. Dale Eubank is a Texan through and through. He was born in Texas, his entire family is from Texas, and he went to school in Texas. Initially, weight loss was not the path he had intended to follow. Dr. Eubank worked as a gynecologist and gynecological surgeon for many years. But to his surprise, one of the major challenges that came along with working in gynecology was the effects childbearing, menopausal changes, and hormonal changes had on living a healthy lifestyle.

In his 14 years of practice, Dr. Eubank watched the rising tides of obesity rattle his clients and the state he loves so much as a whole. When suggested changes in diet and exercise were not enough and led clients to turn to hazardous fads, Dr. Eubank knew he had to do more to help these people.

The Success Story

Following many tests and trials, Dr. Eubank was able to develop a successful formula and medical weight loss program. His innovative Serotonin-Plus program is a safe, affordable program that pushes weight loss along and keeps those stubborn pounds away.

The use of serotonin in a weight loss supplement seems like a strange use of the chemical found in the brain, but once fully realized, it makes total sense. An imbalance in serotonin is most known for its effects on depression, anxiety, and a number of other mood disorders. What many don’t realize, however, is how it contributes to increased cravings of carbohydrates and leads to binge eating.

By targeting that imbalance, Dr. Eubank’s Serotonin-Plus program combat with lifestyle modifications has been proven to lead to effective weight loss in both men and women. The program is customized to fit the client’s individual needs, producing the best results for that particular client.

Clients rave about the program that works wonders and Dr. Eubank’s stellar treatment. Where other programs failed, the Serotonin-Plus program has made a substantial impact in the lives of many. Weight loss is the goal, certainly, but clients can’t help but be floored by how good they feel in body and mind after using the product.

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