Gayle Anderson: An Inspiring Businesswoman

Being a woman in business is no easy feat. While the world has changed and eyes have open to just how strong women are, women are still regularly seen as unfit to run a company. But Gayle Anderson of Anderson Reporting as well as the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) proves those nonbelievers wrong, and she has been doing so for over 30 years.

A Dedicated Court Reporter

As a Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) and a Certified Legal Video Specialist, Gayle Anderson knows what it takes to help attorneys and paralegals win cases. That is why she opened her court reporting firm, Anderson Reporting. By being independently owned and operated, Anderson reporting is able to provide its clientele with not only the best services in Ohio, but unparalleled customer service. Clients are more than just numbers and ends to meet a mean—the staff at Anderson Reporting truly cares about their customers, as well as the outcome of their cases.

She, and a number of other court reporting firms, created the NNRC to help keep these standards of service high. The NNRC is a database of the top court reporting firms in the nation, as well as parts of Canada and Europe. On top of owning and operating her own court reporting firm and a national organization, Gayle Anderson has also served as president of Ohio Court Reporters Association, as well as the Columbus Key Club. It is clear she is a woman who is passionate about her work.

Borderline Professional Adventurer

Gayle Anderson

While Ms. Anderson enjoys her work, she lives life to the fullest. Ms. Anderson refers to herself as a “borderline professional adventurer.” She is a certified scuba diver, a lover of Harley Davidsons, but she often explores new terrains on a set of skis. She has shredded the slopes of Colorado, Canada, and even the Swiss alps. As Ms. Anderson does with everything she loves, she joined the Columbus Ski Club and is now chair member of it. She organizes the club’s annual trip.

When she isn’t providing top-tier litigation services or skiing through the mountains, Ms. Anderson volunteers for the Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio. As part of her work, she often fosters neglected, abused pugs and rehabilitates them.

Gayle Anderson shows us that you can do it all, while maintaining your reputation in business. You can be President of multiple organizations while still traveling the world and helping those in need. All one needs in life is a passion for living.

To learn more about Gayle Anderson, Anderson Reporting, and the NNRC, you can email and visit Anderson Reporting!

3242 West Henderson Road, Suite A, Columbus, OH 3220

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